Today’s R&D is tomorrow’s innovations and improvements.

Why do we do R+D?

To benefit as many organisations and citizens as possible, we rely on companies, universities and other public administrations that share our vision.

Thus, we participate in renowned international scientific programs and events, in which we have gained recognition, without neglecting that, as far as possible, this new acquired knowledge is transformed into innovations, which have also deserved the consideration of partners and recipients.

We like the new challenges to continue contributing in diverse fields and we analyze with attention any collaborative proposal.

Competences / Know-how

  • Open innovation: Design of multidisciplinary teams with experts from different sectors and users to minimize the risks in the different stages that make up the process of transforming an idea into a product/service. Co-development to create value and co-validation with the recipients to ensure the best technological acceptability.
  • Automation and/or support of decision processes: Implementation of decision-support solutions for planning, programming, monitoring and continuous improvement of activities, whether at a strategic, tactical or operational level. We use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
  • Analysis of socio-technological systems: Implementation at different levels of abstraction of causal models that facilitate the analysis of interdependencies, considering both technological aspects and human factors that affect the performance of the whole system. Specialists in multi-agent solutions, which address both the behaviour of agents through rules and the interaction between them, thanks to an ontology to validate the behaviour of complex systems and design mechanisms to mitigate emerging dynamics.