We support food banks and NGOs to make profitable their most scarce asset: their economic capital.

Food banks have the same logistical problems as many industries. Traditionally, they have been the great forgotten because market solutions are oriented towards large corporations that leave a greater commercial margin.

In Aslogic we have proposed to revert this situation. Why not offer a proposal tailored to their needs, low price and ensuring a payment scheme that is self-financing with part of the resources previously saved?

FeCet is just the answer to that question. A simple yet powerful platform for managing food surpluses, from their collection at supermarkets to optimising their distribution, avoiding unnecessary vehicle mileage. This reduces fuel consumption and other transport costs, while the NGO contributes to environmental sustainability when it does its commendable social work.

FeCet was born from a co-creation with the British Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) Parternship for Coventry and had the financial support of SocialChallenges.eu and Feeding Coventry