The WHO estimated in 2013 for Europe more than 600,000 premature deaths and losses of 1.4 billion euros from air pollution. In a very high percentage, the private vehicle is the cause of this fact.

VAOpoint offers an efficient service for daily interurban mobility for those citizens who already want to share a vehicle. Aimed at mobility managers as a tool for implementing rapid impact MM policies, this service helps to substantially and rapidly reduce the number of vehicles entering and exiting daily from overcrowded areas.

Why is it addressed to those responsible for mobility in public administrations and private organisations?

  1. Because the possibilities of carpooling increase exponentially if those who travel on similar schedules concentrate on a single platform.
  2. Because there are no useful solutions for daily metropolitan journeys, when, according to the 2017 study “Citizens and mobility in Barcelona” by the Creafutur Foundation, 55.3% of the citizens surveyed were interested in proposals for shared mobility.
  3. Because they are the ones who can drive the most effective policies to encourage the use of public transport or car sharing and to discourage the less rational use of the private car.
  4. Because we believe that, under the umbrella of the collaborative economy, there should only be proposals that also benefit the citizens they affect, beyond the benefit of the users of such platforms.

Depending on the organization that implements the solution, it can be oriented to specific cases, either to reduce the influx of vehicles in a polygon or company, to visualize the polluting emissions not produced by each user, to offer alternatives in public transport, etc.

VAOpoint demonstrates that a more rational use of the vehicle does not have to be uncomfortable for anyone and less so in a society increasingly aware of this problem.