Managing operations that, on a daily basis, may involve hundreds of people, with machinery and equipment to be moved in a very short space of time, requires a solution so that operations are not planned or executed inappropriately, that cause unnecessary extra costs for handling operators, damage to airlines, airports and the European air navigation system, and that avoids superfluous polluting emissions.

The solution combines advanced uncertainty reduction techniques, facilitates the planning of the multiplicity of operations and ramp profiles (suitcases, cleaning, planters, push-back, GPU, etc.), passage and check-in, in different time horizons, in addition to real-time re-planning in the face of unexpected events.

It stands out for its active and preventive supervised execution by the platform itself, avoiding unchecked operations, guaranteeing compliance with SLAs, coupling with commercial, contracting and invoicing areas and facilitating accreditation of the execution of operations with airlines, airport managers and aeronautical authorities. Without forgetting that it interprets the IATA messaging services (SITA, SCENA, etc.) to send them only to the recipient involved.

MENTOR is the result of a collaboration agreement with one of the companies in the aeronautical division of the CLECE group (ACS). It is structured in modules and offered in pay-per-use formulas.

No unchecked activity is guaranteed, penalties for non-compliance are avoided, while unnecessary cost reductions are achieved. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of the working environment, allowing the simple and objective configuration of working days, shifts and holidays in accordance with the interests of the company and its employees. On the other hand, it facilitates citizen mobility and improves the passenger experience, contributing to a reduction in stopover time and eliminating unnecessary pollutant emissions.