We are concerned that, in the daily distribution of goods, many companies still pay for their vehicles to travel unnecessary miles, undermining their bottom line in percentages of more than one digit, while worsening everyone’s health. FastRoute solves this nonsense of paying for polluting by burning fuel unnecessarily and increases the effective transport capacity of your fleet. This makes it possible to reduce the number of vehicles used to serve certain orders, ie reduce logistics costs and use those released in new business opportunities that make your business grow.

FastRoute is a web service with no commitment of permanence, adaptable to any type of sector, activity and work methodology. Time constraints, different types of vehicle loads, vehicle sizes and many other factors involving millions of combinations are considered to calculate the optimal sequence of customer visits and load orders for each vehicle in a few minutes.

It offers a practical tool to launch hypotheses and compare scenarios, varying the factors that affect your planning. Examples: can orders be met by paying extra hours, instead of using another vehicle? In what areas are new customers required, a minimum order or varying the frequency of delivery to support transport costs?

We want these technologies to reach any company, so we propose a pay-per-use formula with no initial investment and no risk, by providing the free trial to check that the usage fee is recovered in days.