Aslogic creates highly innovative solutions for companies, public administrations and people, using the ideal elements for each situation (software, sensors, machinery, etc.) but our company was born with a more ambitious vocation than creating value for customers and partners. That is why our raison d’être demands a high profitable social impact when we employ differential knowledge generating substantial improvements for users whose benefit we maximize.

This integrative vision is what we call improvements, insofar as it involves the population (the world) on which our solutions impact as one more beneficiary in order to transcend the conventional business-client relationship.

In the lower part, we show solutions to challenges raised and now marketed, others are being approached with R+D projects.
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Our Innovations are created from the results of the large R+D+i projects in which we have participated. For this reason, the projects in which we participate are called Innovations in progress

Here you can find all the R+D+i projects in which we participate and the Innovations we are developing.

We like to open ourselves to new collaborative challenges,
propose yours and let’s cooperate in new improvements.