The UAB has been improving the mobility of its students and workers for years. Even so, the occupancy of motor vehicles on campus is 1.2 people per vehicle. Taking advantage of its annual mobility week, Aslogic conducted a pilot test of VAOpoint so that the population could access and leave the campus.

VAOpoint is a multi-platform application that connects drivers and passengers who share a travel route. Thus, the application gives the users themselves the possibility of creating a transport network, and in this way, they collaborate in the reduction of private vehicle emissions, while improving the mobility of congested areas.

The UAB was an ideal site for the pilot test because VAOpoint is designed to be proposed by a manager (town halls, companies, universities, etc.) and users are the people who access common points. In the pilot test we had more than 500 requests for registration to the application and, for a month, a high percentage of users made use of shared trips thus improving the occupancy of private vehicles.