At Majorca airport, they received a large part of their more than 23 million passengers in a few months of the year, at which time passengers waited up to 90 minutes at the security checkpoint.

To avoid this annoying situation, the airport management sought the opinion of prestigious multinational consultancies, but the solution of Aslogic members was totally disruptive. After studying the behaviour of passengers, the causes of the poor performance of conventional lines were identified and it was suggested that a new access line that did not exist on the market should be manufactured, combined with the modification of the way security personnel work.

From our study, an aeronautical supplier, Dinamic del Bages, took charge of the manufacture of the new access line. Extrapolating the results from the pilot to the whole airport, it was shown that it was possible to more than double the number of passengers inspected (600 pax/h per line, as opposed to less than 300 pax/h in most airports). This meant guaranteeing a maximum wait of 10 minutes in Mallorca.

Today, Vanderlande, a world leader in the integration of aeronautical solutions, markets the access line derived from Aslogic studies under the name Scannojet.

From Aslogic, we have focused on the airport resource management solution (Aslogic Security Checkpoint System). Regardless of the material resources and personnel available in each filter area of an airport, we customize a filter management tool that optimizes performance and improves the level of passenger service, based on powerful simulation techniques, big data and other processes.