The security filter zone at airports is often one of the worst rated by passengers. The uncertainty in the time needed to pass this necessary control, queues that are constantly interrupted or manual inspections of people are factors on which Aslogic knows how to positively impact, even reinforcing the robustness of security protocols.

Precisely, the fact that the filter area at each airport behaves differently means that our management tool optimises its performance and improves the level of service offered to the passenger, regardless of the material resources and personnel available at each of them. Our differential factor compared to conventional solutions is a proven track record in the use of hybrid big data and simulation techniques, Petri networks and tails theory.

The result is a notable improvement in the quality of service perceived by the passenger, which, paradoxically, is combined with a substantial reduction in the resources employed. A sustained flow of 600 pax/h per access line has been achieved in pilot tests, as opposed to the little more than 200 pax/h usual in most airports.