We face challenges from companies, administrations or people creating innovations with our own vision. Necessarily, our improvements, while maximizing the benefits of the clients they target, must positively impact the environment or community in which they are applied.


The more than 20 years of experience of a multidisciplinary management team allow us to develop systems for making decisions in very diverse fields. We present three cases:

Software that calculates the optimal sequence of visits to the client and the loading orders of each vehicle, managing a fleet of vehicles in a few minutes.

FastRoute increases the company’s effective transport capacity, thus eliminating unnecessary mileage and achieving reductions of up to 37% in the cost of the kilometre and its polluting emissions.


Mallorca airport receives a high percentage of its more than 23 million passengers in a few months of the year. At this time, passengers waited up to 90 minutes at the security checkpoint.
ASCS demonstrated that it could double the flow of passengers (600 pax/h per line, compared to less than 300 pax/h from most airports) guaranteeing a maximum wait of 10 minutes.


The WHO estimated in 2013 more than 600,000 premature deaths in Europe and losses of 1.4 billion euros by air pollution, caused, in a high percentage, by the private vehicle.

VAOpoint is a platform, with web and mobile version, aimed at those responsible for mobility to reduce the number of vehicles in circulation, so users can choose between the many private travel offer and take advantage of car sharing.



Today’s R&D is tomorrow’s innovation and improvement.

It is for this reason that we strengthen our competencies as an organization, betting on collaboration and the configuration of multidisciplinary teams in the search for new differential knowledge.

We belong to the UAB Research Park (PRUAB) and its Cluster of Technological Innovation in Aeronautical Management and we promote international consortiums of the H-2020 programme and other reference programmes with other companies and universities, as well as strategic alliances with singular companies with which we share vision and objectives.